Are the GumGuns truly eco-friendly?

Yes, they certainly are.  The totally natural cleaning solution is harmless to the environment, and is excellent at it’s job.  Gum deposits gone – simply evaporated by the mixture of cleaning solution and steam.  The GumGun Wheely is powered by LPG gas – the most eco-friendly fuel, and only uses a very small amount for hours of cleaning.


Are there any sticky marks left when the gum is gone?

No, not at all.  The mixture of cleaning solution and steam changes the gum to a non- sticky residue.  It dissolves the gum – it doesn’t just lift it off the surface.  Even if you did get some small bits left, they would not be sticky – it removes the stickiness from the gum.


Do the GumGuns require consumable supplies?

Yes.  The consumables for the Wheely come packed in a carton that contains all the parts needed for approx. 20 hours of use, and the Softy consumables are in a 5 hour pack.  The operative can simply take the GumGun and a pack of consumables for a whole session of chewing gum removal.  See here for the details of the consumable packs.


Do the GumGuns have a guarantee?

Yes, certainly.  There is a 12 month full warranty for the GumGun Wheely including all parts.  The Softy is also covered for 12 months, with the exception of effects of water hardness.  Additives can be purchased to protect the Softy from hard water.  Extended warranty is available with our 12 month machine service.  Click here for details.


Do the GumGuns require operator training?

Operator training is not essential, however we do offer a training session for up to 6 operatives.  This usually takes up to 2 hours depending on the number of operatives being trained, and the cost varies depending on location.  Please contact us for details.


Can the GumGuns be used anywhere?

Yes. The GumGun Wheely is mostly designed for outdoor areas, but can be used indoors where there is sufficient space to manoeuvre it.  The GumGun Softy is very compact and can be used anywhere..  Bear in mind that some sites and areas may have health and safety guidance that must be adhered to.


Can the GumGun be used on carpet?

Yes, certainly.  While both GumGuns can work on carpet, the Softy has been specifically developed for this purpose, and is therefore excellent at it.  A nylon brush is used for carpet on either machine, and the gum is removed using exactly the same techniques as any other surface.  We recommend that before using on any new surfaces, a trial run is undertaken to ensure it is compatible.  The Softy has a built in vacuum to take up any excess liquid.

Does the GumGun have other uses?

Yes, the GumGun Wheely is also regularly used to clean pigeon mess.  The Softy can certainly be used for many other cleaning tasks – it is a very capable steam cleaning machine and can be used with the same cleaning solution in many ways.  We also sell a standard cleaning accessory pack for the Softy, so you can more accurately clean many surfaces.


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I have never met such a brilliant and easy way to remove gum.

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