SteamE GumGun


Steam-e Machine - Robust & Portable

Robust & Portable

The SteamE is powered by a single Lithium-Ion battery, which is a very safe and eco friendly power source. High quality components work in unison to provide a steady issue of steam from the lance, where gum is quickly removed.

Steam-e Machine - Controls


Simple to use, and simple to understand, the controls are easily accessible. The fast warm-up time of the machine means you’re not waiting around!

Steam-e Machine - Process


The SteamE uses technology to accelerate the natural degrading process of the gum. Using heat and a specially developed natural detergent, the Steam-e removes a gum spot in just a few seconds.

Steam-e Machine - Brushes


The brushes for the SteamE machine are specially developed to be removed quickly and safely using a quick-release mechanism. Available in both stainless steel and nylon, these brushes can be used on almost any surface.

Flooring Surfaces

Multiple Surfaces

Gum can be removed from almost any surface with the SteamE Gum Removal Machine. We always recommend using the machine on a small discreet area of any different surface, before starting out on a whole project.

Works on:

  • Tarmac
  • Natural Stone
  • Concrete
  • Soft Flooring
  • Timber
  • Metal


I have never met such a brilliant and easy way to remove gum.

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