iVo GumGun

iVo GumGun - Chewing Gum Removal Machine

The iVo GumGun Machine – with vacuum!

The iVo GumGun chewing gum removal machine brings more innovation to the gum cleaning marketplace. By far the most cost effective solution, the iVo GumGun also brings the added benefit of having a vacuum function – meaning that you leave no debris behind!

The absence of a gas heat supply means that this machine is suitable for high risk areas, expecially where the use of lpg gas is forbidden. The iVo GumGun is powered by mains electricity, which can also be powered by a portable generator if required.

The iVo GumGun is available for hire, purchase or on our Freedom Scheme – which is truly the most cost effective program for gum removal in the UK.


Free demonstrations available
in the UK


I have never met such a brilliant and easy way to remove gum.

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