GumGun Technology


GumGun Machine Benefits

Our chewing gum removal machines are available in models suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, both of which allow for quick gum removal and easy usability. At the point of contact, the specially designed brushes emit a pH Neutral and Safe chemical steam mixture to dissolve the chewing gum.

All machine models eliminate the need for high pressure hoses, unfriendly chemicals and overspray, making them fully suitable to work in populated and busy areas. The high quality and compact design of the machines means they are suitable for transport between different areas or sites as required.

Gum is Actually Dissolved

Make no mistake – the technology we use is truly different. The gum is actually dissolved, and almost always entirely disappears in the bubbles. Any residue left is no longer sticky – gone forever are the black patches where the dirt adheres to the sticky remains. Ask us for a demo – it is the only way to really see what really happens – it is truly amazing.

Cost & Eco-comparison

Traditional Pressure Washing & Steam Cleaning…
The average cost for removal of chewing gum by either pressure washing or steam cleaning is between £1.50 and £12.00 per square metre depending on gum coverage. In addition to the actual monetary cost, there is also the massive environmental cost to consider. Large amounts of electricity are used, as well as large volumes of water – up to 20 litres of heated water per minute. Cost to the community is also considerable with areas being cordoned off during cleaning. Secondary cleaning is also frequently necessary, as both these methods often scatter the waste water and further action is needed to restore the area.

GumGun range of machines…
Actual Cost – 10p to 70p per square metre depending on gum coverage. In addition to these massive cost savings, there are also the huge environmental benefits you will enjoy when using the GumGun. The units use 180ml or less of solution per minute. It is important to be conscious of our environmental impact, and this is one way you can be sure you are being corporately responsible, as well as more cost-effectively solving your anti-social gum problem.

We love it – it can go anywhere the operator can go.

GumGun Quote

  • Level of Environmental Friendliness 100% 100%
  • Monetary Savings Compared to Steam or High Pressure Techniques 85% 85%
  • Time Savings Compared to Steam or High Pressure Techniques 60% 60%


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