IGum Machine


Backpack Power

Backpack Power

The IGum is powered by Lithium Ion batteries and LPG gas – two of the most eco-friendly power sources. The backpack contains the LPG gas, the Lithium Ion batteries and the cleaning solution. This solution is pumped down through the lance to the heat chamber where the real work starts!

Heat Chamber

The Heat Chamber

In the heat chamber the LPG gas is ignited and the heat recirculates around the chamber to turn the cleaning solution to steam. This then exits at the bottom of the lance, through the brush, directly onto the gum

The Process

Accelerating the Natural Process

The IGum simply accelerates the natural degrading process of the gum. It simply dissolves the gum in a few seconds, instead of it sitting around for years waiting for nature to do the job! As the solution is a natural detergent, there is no harm to the environment, and eco interests are maintained.


Two Types of Brushes

The purpose of the brush is to agitate the gum to help the solution work faster. Simply using the weight of the lance, the operative moves the lance a few millimetres backwards and forwards to help get the solution worked into the gum. The brushes are supplied as a wire brush for hard surfaces such as tarmac and concrete, and as a nylon brush for softer and more sensitive surfaces such as carpets and soft flooring.

Flooring Surfaces

Multiple Surfaces

Gum can be removed almost any surface with the IGum Machine. We always recommend using the machine on a small discreet area of the new surface when trying it anywhere different. And remember – you don’t need to scrub! It’s mostly the solution and steam that does the work, not elbow grease!

Works on:

  • Tarmac
  • Concrete
  • Carpet
  • Soft Flooring
  • Timber
  • Metal

I have never met such a brilliant and easy way to remove gum.

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